Electro Wetting Display technology offers many possibilities

As innovative solutions go, Electro Wetting Display technology is pretty remarkable. A kind of e-paper technology specially developed for outdoor use, it causes almost no light pollution. And its energy consumption is so low it can work 100% off-grid.

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Solar-powered outdoor Electro Wetting Display

Our first-ever Electro Wetting Display, specially developed for outdoor use, is highly energy efficient, consuming only 3 watt of power.

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Full color with highly saturated colors

EWD technology has an intrinsic capability: it can switch the ink droplets at high speed, which makes video display possible.

Transform outdoor communications completely

Now, wallscapes can be implemented unobtrusively, with almost no light pollution, maintaining respect for the environment.

Be a part of the future of outdoor communication
Electro Wetting Displays … ‘standing out naturally’!

With this innovation in displays, Etulipa’s EWD technology combines a business opportunity with an environmental one – since solar-powered displays offer a sustainable alternative to the usual LED-displays: they are 100% self-sufficient and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to LED-displays.

  • Our first steps into the world of EWD technology
  • Work is underway to develop monochrome matrix displays
  • Full color Electro Wetting Displays with video capability will definitely change outdoor communication forever
  • Electro Wetting Displays will be suitable for shorter distances
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Electrowetting displays:
Can they lift the ban on
digital displays?

There has been a long quest for digital outdoor displays that can be as abundant as paper-based ones. Up to now, light pollution and energy consumption meant that such displays were prohibited from fulfilling that role. This whitepaper explains why Etulipa’s Electro Wetting Display technology is at the forefront of this change. It gives a short overview of the basics of Electro Wetting Display technology, and goes on to explain why EWD technology will be successful where other technologies have failed so far.

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News: Revolutionary display on Dutch television

One of the popular scientific TV programs on Dutch television is “Nederland Maakt Het”. Etulipa has been approached to participate. The item was broadcast on November 10, 2019, and repeated on November 12 and 15, 2019.

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News: An honorable invitation to IDW’19, November 27-29 Sapporo

Etulipa is invited to speak on the leading International Display Workshop ’19 in Sapporo. The Program Committee has selected Etulipa “based on their distinguished contribution to the display science and technologies”.

12-11-2019 Read more

Blog: first EWD production line

Last year, Etulipa announced the cooperation with their production-partner to start mass production of the display tiles based on the reflective Electro Wetting Display (EWD) technology.

21-03-2018 Read more
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