Etulipa works on reflective outdoor screens that read like paper, but offer all the advantages of digital: real-time, targeted, on-the-spot advertising. Think of it as e-paper, the Etulipa display is made with patented next generation electrowetting technology. US patent 9,274,331 B2. This means the ‘pixels’ are not powered by light, but with colored oil.

a display you can read clearly
(even in the brightest sunlight)
no light pollution
no driver distraction
very low energy
(up to 100 times
less energy than LED screens)
much easier to get a permit
The brightest idea in outdoor screens!

Watch how it works:

about etulipa

At Etulipa we are transforming the world of outdoor digital screens

Etulipa is founded by Hans Feil. Hans has years of experience with Philips Research. He is the co-founder of Miortech and inventor of the 2nd generation electrowetting technology. Etulipa’s products can be used in a wide range of applications. From billboards to electronic Changeable Copy Boards and from wayfinding to wall scaping or even color coding.

Etulipa reflective outdoor screens are the only direct alternative to LED-screens. The use of Etulipa reflective outdoor displays will greatly contribute to sustainability.

“Accelerate digital outdoor advertising without interfering with quality of life.”

That’s our main ambition. That’s why we are working on a new technology for reflective digital outdoor screens. Contribute to environmental stewardship and low carbon footprint:

no light pollution

low power consumption

improved safety due to reduced driver distraction

House of experts

Etulipa has built a solid team to bring this technical innovation to the market. With its diverse and in-depth expertise the Etulipa team is fully equipped to make ‘e-paper’ a global success.

Hans Feil

Hans Feil is CEO of Etulipa and inventor of the 2nd generation electrowetting technology. He started his career at Philips Research.

Doeke Oostra

Doeke Oostra is Vice President Business Development of Etulipa. He worked as a product line manager and business developer at companies like JDS Uniphase, Anteryon and Philips. In 25 years he has built an impressive track record in the optical component business.

Pieter van der Valk

Pieter van der Valk
is Vice President Operations. He brings over two decades of operational expertise in the industrialization of electro-magnetic components, including
a green-field factory set-up in Eastern Europe.

Richard Buttrick

Richard Buttrick, former Senior VP at Philips Intellectual Property and Standards and currently contract IP consultant, brings 30 years of experience in industry and private practice to support etulipa management in crafting focused and directed intellectual asset strategies.

Cyril Chiang

Cyril Chiang, a serial entrepreneur in electronics and optics in Taipei, provides Etulipa with a strong Asian network and profound business development support.

Robert van Hamersveld

Robert van Hamersveld, works from Silicon Valley as worldwide technical business developer in the fields of semi-conductors, photonics and micro technology.

Atul Sinha

Atul Sinha, invigorates the team as strategy advisor. He co-founded the renowned system-on-chip company Silicon Hive and served as its CEO from its foundation in 2003 until its acquisition by Intel in 2011.

etulipa’s applications

First application
Etulipa Carbon: our electronic
Changeable Copy Board

Etulipa develops reflective tiles and combines them into a digital screen. The first Etulipa product is an eCCB, electronic Changeable Copy Board. It is the only reflective digital outdoor screen based on electrowetting. The electronic Changeable Copy Board invented by Etulipa is called Carbon because of its clear black digital lettering and its extremely low carbon footprint. It’s a totally innovative idea that will ensure your sign stands out from everyone else’s! By combining the tiles you can make your screen in any desirable size.

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Check the Etulipa Carbon here:

Q4 2016 Etulipa will be the first to bring this revolutionary reflective technique to the market.

Next applications – Each screen consists of a number of ‘tiles’ (12 x 8 cm), which can be used for different applications. All applications can be controlled by mobile devices.

At this moment Etulipa is developing eCCB’s: electronic Changeable Copy Boards. Mostly used for self promotion. Perfect for advertising messages for schools, shops, churches, restaurants, garages, etc.

Next applications will be:

Digital traffic signs
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Message Center
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Full color billboards
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Wallscaping and
dynamic camouflage
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etulipa's innovative technology

Three key innovations

Etulipa - a highly innovative company located in Eindhoven - brings a new technology to the market: bright reflective color displays. The impressive result comes together combining three major innovations in display technology.


Colored oils that reflect sunlight just like paper
Displays made up of cells containing three layers of colored oil (cyan, magenta and yellow) mimic the process of full-color printing. The colors are brighter than any color ePaper.

Switching pixel, side view

The revolutionary electrowetting
Electrowetting makes use of the surface tension of the liquids. By applying a low voltage to the cells, the oil spreads or contracts. Depending on the color required, the different layers with oils can be switched on or off, forming various combinations. Since the displays only need small electrical currents they are highly energy efficient (100 times less consuming than LED billboards).

Seamless Digital Tile concept

Seamless Digital Tile concept
By a special technique, etulipa can combine the different tiles seamlessly. This makes it possible to realize very large billboards that appear as one piece.

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Etulipa is transforming the world of digital advertising. Do you want to know more about our company and technology?
Or do you want to be part of this quest?
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The Netherlands
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