Etulipa at the World Expo 2021 Dubai – UN World Cities Day

Etulipa participates in the trade mission organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, October 31st – November 4th.

The World Expo 2021 in Dubai provides us with the opportunity to come together with other innovative companies and work together on the Sustainable Developments Goals.

The Dutch pavilion on the World Expo is aimed at connecting changemakers and innovators to counterparts in the Gulf region. In our pavilion, we focus on uniting water, food, and energy.


Wallscaping without interfering in peoples life

The mission is kicking off on October 31st, the UN World Cities Day. Etulipa is represented by our CEO Hans Feil. He will participate in the round table discussion with the central question: ‘How do we transform cities to become circular and climate-resilient. Etulipa’s focus will be on the possibilities of Etulipa’s full-color Electrowetting displays in the field of wall scaping.

Etulipa’s full-color electrowetting displays are 100 x more energy efficient than regular digital displays and they do not cause any light pollution. This makes digital wall scaping possible without encroaching on the individual lives of city dwellers. In addition, Etulia’s electrowetting displays ensure a reduction of 13-ton carbon emissions over the lifespan per sqm display.

Check out Etulipa’s presentation on this subject.

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