Transforming the world of
digital outdoor displays

Our ambition is quite clear: To accelerate the use of digital outdoor communication without it impacting people’s quality of life.

To fulfil this ambition, we worked around the clock in the early days to create an innovative solution: Electro Wetting Display technology. And we continue to develop it today with the same passion and dedication. Not surprisingly then, as its inventors we also patented the technology, which is specifically developed for outdoor displays. Etulipa’s Electro Wetting Displays create almost zero light pollution and are so energy efficient they only need a solar panel and battery to work.

Reflective outdoor displays based on EWD technology are the only real alternative for LED displays. Imagine the impact if all LED displays were to be replaced by reflective displays…….  On worldwide energy consumption and the quality of life?!

Our ambition is reflected in our logo too. Tulips from the Netherlands are known for their beautiful colors and in a way represent the true Quality of Life. In nature, tulips reflect sunlight; that’s why we see their beautiful natural colors.  Etulipa’s logo is built up out of 3 droplets, each with a different color – Cyan, Magenta and Yellow – and they represent the colored droplets that form the images in Etulipa Electro Wetting Displays.


House of experts

Hans Feil

CEO of Etulipa. He started his career at Philips Research. Was co-founder of Liquivista and Miortech. He invented the second generation electrowetting technology (US Patent 9,274,331B2).

Doeke Oostra

Vice President Business Development of Etulipa. He worked as a product line manager and business developer at companies like JDS Uniphase, Anteryon and Philips. In 25 years he has built an impressive track record in the optical component business.

Pieter van der Valk

Vice President Operations. He brings over two decades of operational expertise in the industrialization of electro-magnetic components, including a green-field factory set-up in Eastern Europe.

Richard Buttrick

Former Senior VP at Philips Intellectual Property and Standards and currently contract IP consultant. Brings 30 years of experience in industry and private practice to support etulipa management in crafting focused and directed intellectual asset strategies.

Cyril Chiang

A serial entrepreneur in electronics and optics in Taipei. Provides Etulipa with a strong Asian network and profound business development support.

Robert van Hamersveld,

He works from Silicon Valley as a worldwide technical business developer in the fields of semiconductors, photonics and micro technology.

Atul Sinha

Invigorates the team as strategy advisor. He co-founded the renowned system-on-chip company Silicon Hive and served as CEO from its foundation in 2003 until its acquisition by Intel in 2011.

Be a part of the future of outdoor communication Electro Wetting Displays … ‘standing out naturally’!

With this innovation in displays, Etulipa’s EWD technology combines a business opportunity with an environmental one – since solar-powered displays offer a sustainable alternative to the usual LED-displays: they are 100% self-sufficient and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to LED-displays.

  • Our first steps into the world of EWD technology
  • Work is underway to develop monochrome matrix displays
  • Full color Electro Wetting Displays with video capability will definitely change outdoor communication forever
  • Electro Wetting Displays will be suitable for shorter distances
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