Electro Wetting Display technology offers many possibilities

A true innovation, Electro Wetting Display technology is a kind of e-paper technology. Etulipa patented the technology, which it developed specially for outdoor use.

The pixels do not generate light – which consumes a lot of energy – but instead reflect sunlight, just like paper. There are no lightbulbs or LEDs involved. That makes an Electro Wetting Display so ultra-low power that it can work completely off-grid using just a solar panel and a battery. That is ideal in circumstances where electricity is not available or expensive to apply. For instance, in big cities the wiring, pipes, and utilities below city concrete is similar to that of spaghetti, hence making it a challenge for installers to find a sweet spot to dig without interfering in other services.

In case of temporary displays,  recharging the batteries, or replacing the displays is a thing of the past.

No light pollution
As with paper, lighting is usually only required during the evening; during the day the ambient light is most often sufficient to read text and see images.

An Electro Wetting Display creates almost zero light pollution and is therefore not intrusive, unlike the more common LED displays. And when LED-displays are not allowed, an EWD can usually get a permit! This opens up new possibilities for Outdoor advertising in residential areas where LED displays are prohibited


Interested in our current applications?

Etulipa currently offers two applications: Electronic Changeable Copy Boards and Monochrome displays. Want to read more about future applications? Please read our view on the future below.

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Electronic Changeable Copy Boards

Etulipa’s eCCB is the first reflective outdoor display in the world, based on the patented Electro Wetting Display technology. The so-called electronic Changeable Copy Board is a black and white character-based display, which is ultra-low power.

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Monochrome displays

Etulipa’s Matrix monochrome display offers the same advantages as the eCCB. It operates off-grid, so there’s no excavation work needed for cabling, and produces almost zero light pollution, which makes it easier to get permits.

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Electro Wetting Displays are the first types to not impact people’s quality of life. Etulipa’s Electro Wetting Displays can be uses in many different ways, such as:


Be a part of the future of outdoor communication Electro Wetting Displays … ‘standing out naturally’!

With this innovation in displays, Etulipa’s EWD technology combines a business opportunity with an environmental one – since solar-powered displays offer a sustainable alternative to the usual LED-displays: they are 100% self-sufficient and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to LED-displays.

  • Our first steps into the world of EWD technology
  • Work is underway to develop monochrome matrix displays
  • Full color Electro Wetting Displays with video capability will definitely change outdoor communication forever
  • Electro Wetting Displays will be suitable for shorter distances
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