Potential applications for Etulipa full-color Electro Wetting Displays

A true innovation, Electro Wetting Display (EWD) technology is a kind of e-paper technology specially developed for outdoor use.

Full color Electro Wetting Displays (EWD) are made up of multiple panels. Each panel is 44 cm x 42 cm (w x h): a modular system comparable to standard LED displays.

Etulipa full color EWDs come into their own outdoors because of their reflective technology, high contrast, large operating temperature range, video speed and non-intrusive nature. They operate 24/7 on solar panels with low carbon emissions.

The options are endless

The pixel size of the current panel is 10mm. Panels with a pixel size of 2.5 mm are under development, which will enable displays with a viewing distance down to 2.5 meters. Some of the possibilities are demonstrated here, but we’d love to hear from you about other options you’re considering.


Temporary information displays where no power is available. Replacing batteries is no longer an issue. Pixel size 10 mm.


Etulipa full color Electro Wetting Displays for Advertising are ideal for busy city centers whose municipal authorities want greater sustainability. The CO2 emissions are minimal because the display operates 24/7 on solar panels and no connection to the power grid is needed. Pixel size: 2.5 mm.


Etulipa full color EWDs combine perfectly with modern street furniture. Electrical connections are no longer needed in remote areas. Etulipa’s displays enable digital outdoor communication without impacting people’s quality of life. Pixel size: 2.5 mm.


Something fascinating is happening in the architectural world. Now, digital facades can be implemented unobtrusively and with respect for the environment. In all sizes, to blend into the environment or to stand out.



Etulipa full color EWD provide perfect readable real-time travel information in all-weather conditions and meeting the latest wishes regarding color options. Connection to the power grid is no longer necessary, heavy machinery for excavation to run power cable under the sidewalk is no longer necessary. That’s cheaper, faster, and cleaner to install.

Etulipa. Standing out naturally.