The benefits of Etulipa full-color ElectroWetting Displays:

Etulipa full-color Electro Wetting Displays meet the requirements of the market but don’t impact people’s quality of life. The application possibilities are diverse.


Etulipa’s Electro Wetting Display is a kind of e-Paper. It has all the benefits of paper, with perfect readability even in bright sunshine. That’s because it makes use of the ambient light that falls on the display surface and reflects back to our eyes. EWD panels have a wide viewing angle and are easy on the eye.

Great contrast and bright colors

The color displays are created by stacking three layers of cells above each other, with cyan, magenta and yellow respectively, similar to the method used in color printing. Each layer has pixels that can be switched to an absorbing or a non-absorbing state. The whole surface area reflects the appropriate component of the light, and this results in more saturated colors and better contrast than any other available color e-Paper technology.

Other e-Paper technologies typically use an RGB approach. In the figure above, red light is reflected from a CMY stacked Electro Wetting Display (left) and from a simplified RGB-based display. In the CMY approach the full area reflects incoming light, whereas with the RGB display only one-third of the area reflects incoming light. The RGB approach will yield non-saturated colors.

Outdoor temperature range

Etulipa’s EWD technology has been specially developed for outdoor use. The displays can operate in all weather conditions, varying from extreme cold in winter to extreme heat in summer. Etulipa has tested the outdoor performance of its Electro Wetting Display modules according to the strict by Mil. Std. 810G* guidelines. Critical tests involve performance and compliance at temperatures from -30 °C all the way up to +65 °C. * Mil. Std. 810G, Department of Defense Test Method Standard, Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests, 31 Oct 2008.

Video speed

High-quality video displays need a high frame rate. EWD technology has the intrinsic capability to switch droplets at high speeds to produce 25 frames/s video displays.

Zero emissions

An Etulipa full-color EWD panel is ultra-low power, so it can work completely off-grid using just a solar panel and a battery. This is made possible because the pixels don’t emit light but instead reflect sunlight, just like paper, which makes the display very energy efficient.

Not intrusive

Since Etulipa full-color EWD panels don’t emit light, they cause no light pollution and are therefore not intrusive. They don’t affect local ecosystems or human health. A limited amount of lighting is all that’s required in the evenings.

What else is there to know?

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  • You can learn more about our technology in this white paper which you can download for free.

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