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Outdoor Electro Wetting Displays for the first time at the SID Display Week.

Etulipa is present at the I-Zone and shows the first Electro Wetting Display panel with bright full colors and video.


Eindhoven, May 16, 2023. Etulipa is invited to present its innovative Electro Wetting Display technology at the SID Display week from May 21-26 in Los Angeles. On May 25th Doeke Oostra, VP Business Development at Etulipa, will give a presentation entitled “Digital Out Of Home Displays that run forever on solar energy”. Doeke will dive into the Electro Wetting Display technology, its intrinsic video capabilities, bright colors, low power and suitability for outdoor use. Etulipa is also present at the SID I-Zone where attendants can experience the Electro Wetting Displays.


Outdoor emissive displays must fight the sun and therefore consume a lot of power. Reflective displays use the sun and are therefore extremely low power. The urgency of power reduction for new outdoor displays becomes obvious when we think of the Paris Agreement, the problems of climate change, and the recent energy crisis. Reflective outdoor displays can contribute to the solution. Until now, reflective displays have been mostly used indoors but Etulipa has developed the Electro Wetting Display technology specifically for outdoor use.

Electro Wetting Displays do not interfere with the quality of life because they cause no light pollution and are not intrusive. It contributes significantly to reducing non-essential energy consumption.


Hans Feil, CEO and founder of Etulipa says: “I’m happy to show our sustainable solution for digital outdoor communication. We work with nature not against it.”

Hans Feil emphasizes that the large-scale use of reflective outdoor displays has an enormous positive impact on the living environment because it does not interfere with the lives of people.


“The market for digital displays has been growing for years. At the same time, many consumers have a desire to lower their energy use and become better stewards of our environment. We believe this will drive interest in new kinds of displays with the smallest possible ecological footprint. I am convinced that Etulipa’s Electro Wetting Displays will play an important role in the future of outdoor communication”.


About Etulipa:

Etulipa is a highly innovative company, situated in the heart of one of Europe’s foremost R&D regions, the High Tech Campus in. Etulipa’s products can be used in a wide range of outdoor applications with extremely low energy consumption and light pollution. Etulipa’s reflective displays do not interfere with the quality of life.  Etulipa forms a consortium with Daktronics, the world’s industry leader in designing and manufacturing of electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems and large video displays and United Radiant Technology Corporation (URT) in Taiwan, manufacturer of professional LCD panels and modules. Discover more at

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