The first full-color Electro Wetting display panel is a fact

Dedication, endurance and expertise in Electro Wetting. Those are the ingredients that ultimately have resulted in our first full-color panel. The colors are saturated and bright and meet the high standards the market demands for today.

Stacked like roof tiles

A panel consists of 6 full-color tiles. Three rows of two full-color tiles, in which the rows are stacked like roof tiles. Eventually a display will be made up of various panels constructed in such a way that the seams will be barely visible.

The technology

In Etulipa’s EWD technology, the color displays are created by stacking three layers of cells above each other, with cyan, magenta and yellow respectively. Each layer has pixels that can be switched to an absorbing or a non-absorbing state. The whole surface area reflects the appropriate component of the light and this results in more saturated colors and better contrast than any other available color e-paper technology.

See for yourself by watching this video

Never out of power

EWD full-color panels, unlike alternative reflective technologies, can be used outdoors in all weather conditions. The energy consumption is ultra-low: only 7 watts/sqm., therefore it can work forever on solar energy.

Connection to the grid becomes a thing of the past. Even better, off-grid mobile displays do not have to be replaced, because the ultra-low power consumption implies that battery solutions will never run out of power.


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