Etulipa’s Electro Wetting Display (EWD) technology is the only sustainable alternative to LED displays

A true innovation, Etulipa’s full color Electro Wetting Display (EWD) technology is a kind of ePaper technology specially developed for outdoor use.

Zero emission

There are no emissions because the pixels don’t emit light but instead reflect sunlight, just like paper. That makes the display very energy efficient. An Etulipa full color EWD is so ultra-low power that it can work completely off-grid using just a solar panel and a battery.

Power consumption of Etulipa’s full color EWD is about 100 times less than LED displays, which results in very low carbon emissions.

Etulipa’s full color EWDs are ideal where electricity is not available or is expensive to generate. For temporary displays, recharging the batteries or replacing the displays is a thing of the past.

Etulipa full color EWDs could be the best solution for your sustainable business goals.

Digital displays with respect for the local ecosystem

Commonly used LED displays cause light pollution. This not only affects local ecosystems, it also affects human health. Excessive light can cause headaches, stress and anxiety. The Etulipa full color EWD is a real alternative. As with paper, limited lighting is only required during the evening. During the day the ambient light is enough to read text and see images.

Etulipa’s full color EWD creates zero light pollution and is therefore not intrusive. And when LED displays are not allowed, an EWD can usually get a permit! This opens up new possibilities for outdoor advertising in residential areas where LED displays are prohibited.

Discover how Etulipa full-color Electro Wetting Displays can create long term value for your business.

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