Full-color display

Modular system

Etulipa currently offers full color Electro Wetting Display (EWD) building blocks. These can be used as a modular system with EWD panels to create a reflective display of any size.

Zero emission

No emissions because the pixels don’t emit light but instead reflect sunlight, just like paper, which makes the display very energy efficient. An Etulipa full color Electro Wetting Display is so ultra-low power it can work completely off-grid from just a solar panel and a battery.

Bright colors

This EWD technology uses CMY color mixing, similar to printing, which results in highly saturated colors with great contrast.

Switching speed

Electro Wetting Display pixels switch in milliseconds, enabling video. 

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Panel specification:

Pixel size 10 x 10 mm
Pixel pitch 10 mm
Resolution (w x h) 44 x 42 pixels
Size (w x h) 45 x 43,5 cm
Depth 57 mm measured from the mounting plate
Weight 6.5 kg

Optical ratings

Brightness up to 15.000 nits when in bright sunlight
Optimal viewing distances > 10 meters
Viewing angle >120°
Frame rate 25 frames per second
Gray scale 7 bits per color
Display colors Infinite

Power consumption

Max power consumption 5 W/m2 using low-power display electronics
Typical nighttime power with backlight 9 W/m2


Operating temperature < -30 oC to > +65 oC
Operating lifetime designed for >100.000 hours
Ingress Protection rating IP65
Solar resistance tested to Mil. Std. 810G
Maintenance access Front


Control Electronics

Including Etulipa media player, connected to 4G network.

Content supplied via online website or on-site via standard micro-USB connection.


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