A newly published book, Doeke Oostra as co-author

Electronic paper (e-paper) is a promising technology for the future.

In addition to the well-known e-ink technology, there are also other e-paper technologies described in the recently published book ‘E- paper Display’, by the scientific publishing house Wiley. You will find a detailed overview of the main technologies involved in e-paper.

Doeke Oostra is co-author of the book.

One of the global expert authors is Doeke Oostra of Etulipa. He describes Etulipa’s Electro Wetting Display technology in depth and explores its possibilities. Together with 11 other experts in their own field, this book provides a unique overview of the technologies and the possibilities with e-paper.

Obstacles on the path

Contributing to a book is something else than developing the electrowetting display technology in practice. There were quite a few obstacles on the path: the COVID 19 messed up the planning, there is always more information to tell than the numbers of pages available, and coordination with the editors and the publisher could only take place digitally. But all these challenges have been overcome, resulting in a unique book.


This book provides engineers with an introduction to e-paper technologies and shows ways for new development. In the meantime, we, at Etulipa, work daily on the further development of a full-color outdoor display. Of course, based on the Electro Wetting Display technology. For more information: Wiley,ISBN: 978-1-119-74558-7 August 2022 320 Pages

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