Matrix monochrome display

Etulipa’s Matrix monochrome display offers the same advantages as the eCCB. It operates off-grid, so there’s no excavation work needed for cabling, and produces almost zero light pollution, which makes it easier to get permits.

Text, graphics and images

The Matrix monochrome display combines these advantages with the ability to generate text messages, graphics and images. This display features a free character size to meet different viewing needs and the use of different types of graphics or images, depending on the desired message. The readability is excellent because of the high contrast.

The Matrix monochrome display is made up of various panels constructed in such a way that the seams are barely visible.

The growing trend is digital

This digital sign operates independently of the grid, produces almost no light pollution, and offers easy programming of messages and graphics. That makes the reflective Matrix monochrome display a very dynamic medium for applications like:

  • On-premise, self-promotion for schools, churches and small businesses, especially where LED signs are not allowed
  • Wayfinding around roadworks
  • Temporary signage

Brief specifications:

  • Size of the display: 176 x 84 pixels
  • Display consists of 2 lines with 4 panels each
  • Each panel consists of 6 tiles
  • Pixel size: 10 x 10 mm
  • Energy consumption is less than 5 watts
  • Night-time illumination is possible; energy consumption is 5 watts extra
  • Color: black & white


Interested in other applications?

The eCCB is the first display based on the EWD technology. The first B/W matrix display is expected in 2020 followed by a full color version with video capability.

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Wallscaping Media Markt

Now, wallscapes can be implemented unobtrusively, with almost no light pollution, maintaining respect for the environment.

Full color tile with highly saturated colors

EWD technology has the intrinsic capability that it can switch the ink droplets at high speed, which makes video messaging possible.

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