21 03, 2018

first EWD production line

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How Electro Wetting Display tiles are made

Last year, Etulipa announced the cooperation with their production-partner to start mass production of the display tiles based on the reflective Electro Wetting Display (EWD) technology.


The commercial introduction of EWD technology is now one step closer

After months of hard work we are proud of our accomplishments: Etulipa has […]

29 08, 2017

emissive versus reflective display

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full-color reflective display based on electro wetting display technology, or EWD Technology.


Difference between reflective displays and emissive displays

Especially in the summer period of the year, LED and LCD displays suffer of bad readability when placed outside. In these emissive displays, high contrast has to be achieved by enhancing the emissive power for a specific […]

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