Whitepaper “Electro-wetting displays”

Whitepaper “Electro-wetting displays” 2017-06-06T15:28:34+00:00

Are electro-wetting displays comparable with e-paper displays? Learn in this Whitepaper all about electro-wetting and its applications in out of home displays. With its challenges in lightness, colors and saturation.

There has been a long quest for digital outdoor displays that can be abundant as ‘paper’. Light pollution and energy consumption prohibit that LED displays can take that role.

The electro-wetting display technology enables highly reflective displays. In this Whitepaper a short overview is given that explains the basics of electro-wetting display technology, and why electro-wetting display technology can succeed where other technologies failed so far.

Furthermore how to meet other additional requirements for the reflective display technology to evolve into a successful business.

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