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20 12, 2018

Performance of reflective color displays

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Performance of reflective color displays in Out Of Home applications

At the IMID conference,  Busan, August 28-31 2018, in South Korea, Etulipa spoke about the excellent performance of reflective color displays, based on the Electro Wetting Display technology.

Huge need for digital outdoor displays 

Organizations communicate instantaneously in time with their targeted audience using social media […]

15 02, 2018

Etulipa at EDC’18

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Etulipa invited to speak at the Display Conference in Nuremberg 2018

Etulipa’s in-depth knowledge of electro wetting is more and more recognized.


Last year our Vice President Doeke Oostra was invited to present at the Electronic Display Conference 2017. His talks were very well received and that resulted in another invitation for the Electronic Display Conference […]

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