Revolutionary display on Dutch television

One of the popular scientific TV programs on Dutch television is “Nederland Maakt Het”. Etulipa has been approached to participate. The item was broadcast on November 10, 2019, and repeated on November 12 and 15, 2019.

What and why of Electro Wetting

In a 2-minute film, a short and powerful explanation is given of what makes an Etulipa display special. It becomes clear what the Electro Wetting Technology is and what the benefits are for the customer.

As much energy as your electrical toothbrush

The first an Electro Wetting Display is shown in operation, the ‘electronic Changeable Copy board’, a black and white, character-based digital screen. This display, and the future displays, all based on the Electro Wetting Display technology, are so energy efficient that they can work completely independently on a solar panel. An eCCB consumes less than 3 Watt to run it; that’s even less than your electrical toothbrush.

Respect for your environment

From now on, power cords or aggregates are no longer necessary. The light pollution of an EWD screen is minimal. This means that digital reproduction is possible with respect for the environment, without being intrusive.

You can watch the 2 minutes video here.

electroweting, e-paper, EWD technology

eCCB, ultra low power, reflective outdoor display

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