One step closer to the finals, Accenture Innovation Award

One step closer to the finals, Accenture Innovation Award

Our adventure with the Accenture Innovation Award has not come to an end yet.

Thursday September 6, we got one step closer to the finals: The jury chose the TOP 10 breakthrough innovations per themes.

After a lot of deliberation they presented the semi-finalists! And we are one of them! In both themes: ‘Living & Working’ and ‘Climate’.

Congratulations to all the other semi-finalists.

Theme: Living & Working:

Temper | A digital marketplace connecting freelance professionals to companies within the hospitality sector via a transparent and innovative platform.

GeoSpark | A developer platform for location tracking solutions.

Universal IoT Sticker | An internet connected sensor sticker that allows any product to tell you when it will break down, by simply sticking it on the side.

Closure | Closure unburdens relatives by terminating all the subscriptions, contracts and accounts of their beloved one.

Expivi | Providing a new shopping experience. A simple to use platform that has standardized product configuration.

Lilian Water Analysis System | Enabling precise and extensive measurements of water quality in seconds.

EtulipaA new type of energy efficient digital display that does not need LEDs.

HOLOFIL | A 3D visualization tabletop device that attracts a viewer’s attention 5 times better than a flat screen.

ULTRA IoT modular toolkit | Their toolkit consists of smart LEGO compatible bricks with sensor- and communication technology inside. When using the toolkit, developing new IoT applications is as simple as clicking together the required bricks for the user case.

Yugen | A sensor that is capable to detect people and provide their position in real time.

Theme: Climate

Water from air without energy | Producing water from air for irrigation and drinking water; fully off-grid, without adding energy and affordable.

Magnetizable concretes | A material technology, engineered from cement and magnetic particles from recycled electronic waste, for high efficiency wireless transfers.

Etulipa | A new type of energy efficient digital display that does not need LEDs.

RAW Paints | A powder formula which, with the addition of water, becomes a quality paint for walls.

The DutchNet Hydrolectric | Using hydrogen as an alternative sustainable energy system for demonstration and research purpose.

Groenewijkstroom | Creating a virtual connection between households to calculate the local supply and use of green electricity locally.

eShift | A control software that derives value from the flexibility of energy-related assets.

Fresh-r | A breathing window that keeps the air inside healthy without wasting energy.

Coolfinity IceVolt 500 | An energy efficient fridge eliminating the need for polluting, noisy and costly diesel generators.

SPRHOUT | An off-grid energy conversion unit which, using the sun as its only source, can fulfill all the energy needs of a greenhouse based horticultural project.

See you all-in Rotterdam, October 4th, 2018 for a great challenge.

Overview of all the semi-finalists in 8 themes.

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Accenture Innovation Award

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