Etulipa enables SPA movie

Etulipa enables SPA movie



Unique one-time project

Etulipa just finished a unique one-time project in cooperation with the Amsterdam office of Advertising Agency J. Walter Thompson. Because of the knowledge of Electro wetting, the Etulipa team was consulted and asked to realize a liquid lens based on a drop of SPA mineral water.


Making of the lens

The challenge is to make a lens with no other optic element except for the drop of SPA water. First of all, it starts with a small glass plate with a water repellent coating and a drop of SPA mineral water. With the exact amount of electric tension the water droplet gets a nice spherical shape, therefore it can work as a lens and focus. A little mirror on the exact position is needed to bring enough light into the lens to make photo’s.


Liquid lenses already exist, but adding the technic of Electro wetting, and a droplet of SPA mineral water, made it a real challenge. With the knowledge and experience of Electro wetting, Etulipa eventually made this possible. Finally the result is an online campaign for the mineral water brand Spa.


J. Walter Thompson associates innovative techniques with brand awareness of their customers. For Spa, J. Walter Thompson was looking for an opportunity to develop a photo lens based on a drop of Spa mineral water. After a long quest Etulipa was approached.


Finally: the result

The result is a movie ‘The Purest Picture. Life through a Spa lens’. For this unique project, photographer Robin de Puy experimented with the technique. This resulted in surprising black and white portraits of some well-known and unknown Dutch people.


Watch ‘The making off’ The Purest Picture.

And enjoy The Purest Picture. Life through a Spa lens


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