Electrowetting at IDTechEx Printed Electronics, Berlin, 10-11 May 2017

Electrowetting at IDTechEx Printed Electronics presented by Doeke Oostra, Etulipa Vice President Business Development, Berlin, Germany, 10-11 May 2017.

Reflective Digital Out of Home Displays made possible by electro-wetting

Presentation Summary:

Light pollution and energy consumption prohibit that LED displays become as abundant as ‘paper’. Electrowetting displays can fulfill that role, because of their highly reflective performance. Etulipa Carbon is the first electro-wetting product that successfully passes all perception tests on readability under all outdoor conditions.

Doeke Oostra will discuss the electrowetting and the performance of Etulipa Carbon displays regarding lightness, color, saturation and energy consumption.

More information on IDTechEx Printed Electronics Berlin

Download here the whitepaper of this presentation



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