Place your mobile outdoor display and don’t worry about it anymore. 

This may save you up to 7000 euros per display every year. Does that sound interesting to you? 

Save on logistic costs 

You can, with displays that are so energy-efficient that they can run endlessly on solar energy. Etulipa develops e-paper displays especially for outdoor use. We have developed a new technology for this, the Electro Wetting Display technology. This EWD technology is so energy-efficient that a display can run on solar energy endlessly. So after installation you don’t have to worry about it. That saves up to 7,000 euros per display in logistics costs annually.

Less investment

In addition, EWD displays are 100% usable, so they don’t need to be recharged and it is therefore no longer necessary to keep spare displays on hand. In the first COVID-19 wave, we placed a display at a triage tent at a regional hospital. The display has been active continuously for six weeks without replacement. No logistical worries about replacing the display and no hassle around power connections or generators. 

No excavation works

Since September 2020, our displays have been in use by the New York City Department of Transportation to display current digital travel information. Again, without a power connection. Thousands of dollars are saved on every bus stop because no excavation works were required. 

Are you interested? Do you want to know more about this revolutionary technology, then download the whitepaper below.  It gives a short overview of the basics of Electro Wetting Display technology and goes on to explain why EWD technology will be successful where other technologies have failed so far.  



Electrowetting displays: the future alternative for LED displays

There has been a long quest for digital outdoor displays to become environment friendly. Up to now, energy consumption and light pollution prevent regular displays to take this role. This whitepaper explains why Etulipa’s Electro Wetting Display technology is at the forefront of this change. It gives a short overview of the basics of Electro Wetting Display technology, and goes on to explain why full color and video combines with the environmentally friendly technology of Etulipa’s Electro Wetting displays.

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