eCCB: electronic Changeable
Copy Board

Etulipa’s electronic Changeable Copy Board is the first reflective outdoor display in the world, based on the patented Electro Wetting Display technology. The electronic Changeable Copy Board (eCCB) is a black and white character-based display, which is ultra-low power. It needs less than 3 Watts to run, so it can work grid independent. A game changer in the rental business of mobile screens, temporarily wayfinding or signage for crowd control

The eCCB proves that the EWD technology works extremely well for outdoor displays:

  • energy consumption is so low it can run off-grid, on solar cells and a battery.
  • It has the intrinsic capability to reduce light pollution as caused by other digital displays
  • the readability in bright sunshine is excellent

Some technical information:

  • Size of an eCCB: 4 x 8 feet
  • An eCCB consists of 5 lines with 3 panels each
  • Each panel consists of 8 tiles
  • Each tile has 7 x 11 pixels, pixel size is 10 mm
  • Each tile is one character
  • Energy consumption is less than 3 watts
  • Night-time illumination is optional; extra energy consumption for night-time illumination is 5 watts

Worlds first outdoor electrowetting display – © Etulipa 2020

Interested in other applications?

The eCCB is the first display based on the EWD technology. The first B/W matrix display is expected in 2020 followed by a full color version with video capability.

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Monochrome displays

Etulipa’s Matrix monochrome display offers the same advantages as the eCCB. It operates off-grid, so there’s no excavation work needed for cabling, and produces almost zero light pollution, which makes it easier to get permits.

Matrix monochrome display

Full color tile with highly saturated colors

EWD technology has the intrinsic capability that it can switch the ink droplets at high speed, which makes video messaging possible.