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Etulipa Carbon:
our electronic Changeable
Copy Board

Check the Etulipa Carbon here:

Q4 2016 Etulipa will be the first to bring this revolutionary reflective technique to the market.

Key features and benefits

An Etulipa Carbon electronic Changeable Copy Board has all the advantages of a regular Changeable Copy Board and more. But… it has none of the disadvantages.


  • Excellent readability even in the brightest sunshine
  • Carbon black letters
  • Readable from a wide angle
  • Extremely low energy consumption, so it saves a lot of money
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Flexible screen size created by combining tiles

And more:

  • New advertisements can be made quickly and inexpensively, from just about anywhere
  • No light pollution, so no driver distraction or harm to the environment
  • Much easier to get a permit
  • Capable of night-time operation (light from a battery charged by a small solar cell can illuminate your display)
  • No grid power supply required, so no excavation work 

Watch this video, see the Carbon black lettering and amaze yourself:

Why buy an Etulipa Carbon electronic Changeable Copy Board (eCCB)?

  • eCCBs increase sales for existing business by up to 16%
  • an Etulipa Carbon eCCB can operate day and night
  • our eCCB has an incredibly small carbon footprint, so you will be helping the environment
  • your message will be far more readable in bright sunlight than those of your neighbors
  • our display system is innovative, which will enhance your image

Technical details

General description

An Etulipa Bipane (tile) consisting of 7 x 11 pixels that are switchable using the principle of electrowetting, for application in reflective outdoor displays. The bipanes have dimension of 8 x 12 cm2 and are mounted with 2 flat flex cables for insertion into a standard zero-insertion force (ZIF) connector on the driver printed circuit board. Pixelsize: 10 mm.

All products developed, manufactured and sold by Etulipa are designed for compliance with European RoHS regulations.

Specification Release: Bipane 7x11. 13 January 2016.
Note that all technical information can be changed without notification.

For more information or the latest updates of datasheets, please contact:

Doeke Oostra

Electrowetting bipane

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