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the electrowetting technology can be used in a wide range of outdoor applications. Each screen consists of a number of ‘panels’ (720mm x 180mm). You can combine these panels to any desirable size. All applications can be easily controlled by mobile devices.

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Digital traffic signs

There are multiple traffic applications possible. The single digital sign is able to represent several pictograms and obviates the need for multiple signs. It can also be a more practical and cheaper alternative to the regular Variable Message Signs signs. No grid power supply is required, so no excavation work is needed. Maintenance costs and energy costs are very low.

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Message Center

The perfect and only real alternative to LED monochrome Message Center or Full color Message Center. Our Message Center provides excellent readability, even in the brightest sunshine and low energy costs. Displaying video content is possible. Because the Message Center causes no light pollution, approvals are much easier to obtain. A screen consists of a number of tiles: 12 x 8 cm. By combining these tiles, it is possible to achieve any desirable size.

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Full color billboards

In common with the eCCB, the colors and the contrast are clear and bright. The switching is fast enough to display video content. Because the billboard causes no light pollution, permits are much easier to obtain. A screen consists of a number of tiles: 12 x 8 cm. By combining these tiles, it will be possible to achieve any desirable size.

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Wallscaping and dynamic camouflage

The full color tiles can be used for dynamic camouflage of buildings or construction sites, to let them fade into the environment, or to hide it. It can be applied in highly populated areas since there is no light pollution.

Check here the bright colors:

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