Digital displays that work forever on solar energy all year round, is that possible?
Yes, it is!

Etulipa’s displays are based on its patented 2nd generation Electro Wetting Display technology . The first product based on this technology is a Black/White 223 x 103 cm display (8’ x 4’) that consumes less than 3 watts and runs forever on a solar panel and battery.

Electronic-paper (e-paper) displays like these use the ambient light that falls on the display surface and reflects back to the eye of the observer, resulting in excellent readability under all conditions. Since reflective displays do not emit light but reflect it, they create almost zero light pollution and are not intrusive.

Electro wetting makes use of the surface tension of the liquids. A display consists of many tiny cells and each cell contains a transparent polar liquid and a colored oil that covers a hydrophobic surface. By applying a low voltage to the cells, the oil contracts into a small droplet. This creates an optical switch, which can be opened or closed. Since the displays are driven by voltage, without current flow, they are highly energy efficient. Mobile Electro Wetting Displays, unlike mobile LED displays, do not need to be replaced because the batteries do not run out.

Among the first applications areas are Events, Crowd control, Wayfinding and Road works.

B/W character-based displays are available today. B/W matrix displays come later in 2020 and in 2021 the first ultra-bright, video speed, full color displays will be demonstrated.

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